Corporate events

Corporate Daytime meetings and retreats


  • Meeting set up with break out locations

  • Audio Visual (Apple TV, Air Play)

  • Team Building Games and Activities

(We can help facilitate or make recommendations.)


Daytime Events (Monday - Thursday 9 am - 5 pm) 
(Fridays based on availability)  . . .  starting at $1,500

Refreshments, lunch and snacks $10-$20 per person based on menu selection.

Corporate PARTIES

The entire Sugarneck venue is available for corporate and social gatherings. Ask about packages and availability. 


Corporate Party & Cocktail Reception . . . . starting at $2,500

  • Identify a goal.

  • Pick a location away from
    the office.

  • Don't over-technology the day.

  • Have team building activities.

  • Decide if you want a facilitator.

  • Have food and snacks.

  • Give your employees information ahead of time.

  • Include fun!

  • Plan follow-ups back at the office to keep the momentum going.

Plan ahead and chart your course​

Helpful tips to make your meeting a success